Originally the Concert Hall was an open air pavillion with a dirt floor.  There were Tractor Shows, Flea Markets, and a meat store all placed in the middle of a working farm.      While tractors were plowing, cows grazing, Sam Yoder was plotting the future of the farm. And his dreams were big.  He closed in the Concert Hall, built a stage, a commercial kitchen and added a state of the art sound system all within a few years.  His friends would arrive in campers when a Gospel Concert was being held on the weekends.  So why not make a Campground also.  Eventually the meat store closed, and he begin to turn his focus on the Concert Hall.  He developed a deep relationship with Gospel Singing Groups and began to book them annually.  Sam and Effie have a strong desire to have their farm be a ministry to all those in the community. Whether you are making memories in the Hall at a wedding, a family reunion,  or attending one of the many Gospel Concerts, they hope that the farm can be an inspiration to young and old.

Sam and Effie Yoder, April 2012

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